Here's what people are saying about our shows!

"Loved the interview with Christian Fox and Lucy Rivers! Two of my favorite narrators ever! Loved the easy banter, great questions and overall vibe from the podcast!"
~Samantha Lind, Author

"Jocqueline does a wonderful job with this podcast. The interviews, audiobook reviews and excerpts, and the overall "realness" of her charismatic personality shines! Subscribe and tell a friend. If you love audiobooks, or are just getting into them—

this podcast is for YOU."
~Paul Woodson, Narrator/Guest

'''This podcast is an easy, fun, and entertaining listen. The interactions with the guests are very relaxed and informative. I love learning about authors and narrators that I admire, as well as discovering new authors. Jocq really asks what readers want

to know!"
~Dawn C. Strickland, Listener

'''Great show! I usually tune in at bedtime because it's a fun way to relax and end the day before I sleep. The guests are amazing and funny and Jocq is a fabulous host!"
~C.L Monaghan, Author/Guest

'"I always enjoy chatting with Jocq at different book events, and her show brings all of that same positive energy and more with insight into the lives of authors, narrators, and other industry professionals!"
~Kacey Shea, Author/Guest

'"A wonderful podcast to be a part of. I had such a great time being her guest. I received such an amazing response from my fans and have gained several new ones since. Thank you so much Joc and everyone who tuned in!!

It was a blast!!"
~Aaron Shedlock, Narrator/Guest


Bookin' Around Town  Sundays  4pm EST

The Featured Voice  Mondays 12pm EST

The Audio Flow        Tuesdays 6pm EST

Love Inspired            2nd and 4th Wednesdays 12pm EST Nov/Dec

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